Home Page


A work in progress at best, demonstrating that web design and development is truly an itertaive process, it was time to get something up here. Will there be more to look at over time? Yes, but not today. For today, there is this. You will note the distinct absence of links to other pages. This is because there are no other pages here to display. Soon there will be, but for today, not yet. Well, maybe just this one.

What can you expect?

Over the next few weeks years there will be links to course material for the various classes that I teach. Many will be behind password protection for those classes. You can expect to see stories I've written long ago because this is my domain, and I get to showcase what I choose. There will be generic web design information for those that are seeking it, and lots of photos of things I care about. Mostly, this site is being designed for my family, friends, and students. Oh yes, there will be information on tea as well.